Sleeper Suites

At Rovos Rail, we aim to do more than give you a luxurious trip; we want to provide you with an experience you will never forget! Therefore, from start to finish, your comfort and enjoyment have always been our primary concern, especially regarding your accommodation.

Rovos Rail trips and safaris can last from 3 days up to 15 days, and when traveling for any period, it is essential for accommodation to meet all of your needs. So look no further because we have you covered all aspects of your private and luxurious suite!

The Rovos Rail suites proudly boast eye-catching wood paneling and Edwardian period features. The contrast between the wooden paneling and the open and sharp designs of the Edwardian period gives you a result of suites with bright and straight-lined features. Our suites have red and dark-colored wood paneling, bright and open hallways, and decorative room fixtures that are simple and inviting for all guests.

Luxury Train Rides in South Africa

What better way to rest in the lap of luxury than to be in our one-of-a-kind suites? The suites come equipped with impeccable 24-hour room and bar service, plus laundry services available for your convenience. Simply put, with the facilities you will have, luxury has never looked better.

Each suite can hold up to two people, and it is your choice whether you would prefer a generous double bed or two twin beds in your suite. You will have a spacious and beautiful suite, and your room will also have a bar fridge filled with your drink of choice. Your en suite bathroom will also come with a more modern finish. Each bathroom has standard fittings for hairdryers, shaver plugs, and showers that are the perfect way to decompress after a long and hot day.

With ample space to relax and take in your surroundings, each suite will also have a personal safe to keep your belongings safe and a writing surface to make it easy to jot down your thoughts or even enjoy a meal in your room without hassle.

Now that you know about the basic amenities you will receive, now you can take a deeper look at the accommodation the Rovos Rail packages offer. If you are looking to book a safari or trip and are trying to decide which suite to secure, the following information should help you decide which of the suites is the most appealing to you and your wallet.

Rovos Rail Suites

Rovos Rail offers three different types of suites, and they are:

  • The Royal Suite
  • The Deluxe Suite
  • The Pullman Suite

Each suite comes equipped with the following standard features:

  • Each en suite bathroom has a complete shower.
  • All bathrooms come standard with fittings for hairdryers and electric shaver plugs.
  • All suites have air conditioning.

The different suites can be best summed up as follows:

The Royal Suite

Royal suites are the most expensive suites that Rovos Rail has to offer. So it’s true when they say that luxury can be bought, but the taste cannot. With the royal suite, you get to experience both!

The royal suites come with 173 square feet of lush and elegant space, the same size as half a carriage. With the royal suites, you can experience a full bathroom equipped with both a shower and a Victorian-style bath, giving you the perfect space to take a soak when you need to. You get a complete bathroom with a royal suite. You also get an additional private lounge space. The royal suite provides the ideal place to not only self-indulge with a little me time when you need it but also a classic and elegant place to entertain friends and loved ones who are with you for the journey.

The Deluxe Suite

The proof is in the pudding has never been truer than with the deluxe suite. Deluxe means luxury, which could be more luxurious than unwinding in a private suite with a private lounge area and a full bathroom.

Deluxe suites have a significant size of about 118 square feet. They are the perfect middle ground between the royal suites and the Pullman gold suites and are ideal for those who need just a little extra legroom for the journey.

A perk for those staying in the deluxe suites is that they have recently been remodeled and refurnished, meaning you could be one of the first passengers to view the new look of the deluxe suite. The deluxe suites perfectly combine modern technology and classic style, from the wooden panels to the new fittings and fixtures.

Passengers staying in the deluxe suites can travel with all the privacy they need while still having the luxury of facilities in mint condition and a high standard.